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Leathers and Skins

Luxurious Leathers & Exotic Skins

At Handmade Shoes London, we use only the finest quality leathers to ensure that our shoes are of the highest craftsmanship. With over 20,000 different skins to choose from, we have the largest selection of any bespoke shoemaker in the UK. Why not come and see for yourself the large selection of skins that we have on offer that go into making our bespoke handmade shoes. To find out more about our selection of luxury leathers contact us today or call us on 020 7486 4664.


We stock the finest leathers from Italy, Spain and France to ensure that you have highest quality shoes. We use only the highest quality leathers to handcraft your shoes from our workshop in Central London.

There are many different types of leather and materials that can be used in making a shoe. Part of the joy of having a shoe designed for you is that you can choose all of the materials and trimmings that go into making your shoe, meaning that you have a shoe that is unique to you.

Why not book a consultation today and come and see for yourself our exclusive range of leathers available nowhere else in UK.

Handmade Shoes London offers a variety of exotic skins as a material for our custom made shoes, including Crocodile, Ostrich, Stingray, snake and lizard skins.

As with all our handmade shoes, our designs from exotic skins are made to fit your feet perfectly, giving you the most comfortable feeling imaginable. All of our skins are ethically sourced to ensure that you receive the best skins and leather available.

The quality of the leather in our exotic skins selection is second to none, ensuring you get the highest quality handmade shoes available anywhere in UK.