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…and passion

Our team was built up over quite a few years, as getting good specialized people is not an easy task. A shoemaker, a last maker or an upper maker are people with unique skills, extremely hard to find. Usually we get an apprentice who is trained over 4 – 5 years, covering every position in the shoe making process. The team we have now is simply amazing: good, hard working people, passionate about designing and making shoes.

I thoroughly enjoy working with them and I love their creativity and their passion. I’ve been doing this for 56 years, but sometimes when I’ve got a problem I go down, get the boys around the table, speak to them, just to get some ideas flowing, because they are younger than me, they have different ideas, so all of a sudden between us we find the answer.

The Store


In our shop you will find a vast range of shoe styles for inspiration including ones with an exquisite stitch detail all produced by hand on site, alongside collectable pieces. There is also an extensive selection of leathers and skins to choose from, including pink crocodile and teal sting rays.

The Workshop

Our workshop located under the store, is the place where the team does everything from the initial cutting of the leather to the final polish of the finished shoe. Our customers feel privileged for being allowed and even invited into the workshop to see how their shoes are made.

The Office


This is the place where all our hard working office staff organise, process and supervise all our customers orders and deliveries. They also keep an archive with our clients preferences and feedback, to ensure that we always deliver outstanding results and quality.

“We can make any kind of footwear based on any design for any occasion. With us, your dream shoes will come to life.”

- Anthony Andrews, Master Shoemaker -

Our team of shoemakers and support staff, trained at the highest standards are here for one purpose and one purpose only. To always exceed our customer’s expectations and deliver the best quality footwear.  They will always make sure that you will be well looked after, feel comfortable and get the best pair of shoes you’ve ever had, specially made for you.

Jane Turner

Aliona Paulenka

Kirk Johnson

Roxana Bumbaru

Peter Papavassiliou

Gabor Nehez

Barry Freeman

Sebastian Suchanski

James Lawrence Clark

Andrew Groundwater

Jasmine Dossa